Strong and Affordable Public Education

Education is the cornerstone of prosperity. An educated population has higher wages, greater job stability, and greater upward mobility in income. Increased education is also correlated with a decreased rates of violent crimes and and the costs associated with those crimes. However, each time a budget cut is considered, our education system is one of the first items in the cross-hairs.

Not surprisingly, Florida teachers are among some of the lowest paid in the country. The very people that are responsible for educating our children are forced to deal a lack of resources in both their classrooms and at home. They deserve better!

As your representative, I will actively reject any legislation that would seek to remove resources from our schools or our students, and I will fight to finally provide adequate support to public education.


Equal Rights for All

I believe we have a basic right to seek our own happiness and prosperity, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or sexual identity. In spite of recent public attention surrounding these issues, we continue to see bias against those who don't fit the traditional mold. We have been witness to violent attacks locally, and we have watched bigotry spread and become more accepted as a result of the latest election cycle. 

As your representative, I will actively reject any legislation that would seek to limit the rights of any individual based on discriminatory classifications and I will support and promote the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)


Renewable and Sustainable Energy

We can - and should - make strong moves into renewable and sustainable energy sources. Given current technologies, and with proper investment, Florida will have the ability to produce 100% of our energy needs using renewable and sustainable energy generation technologies. Through a combination of wind and solar energy, we can achieve this goal by 2050, without running more oil and gas pipelines or fracking. In the process, we will also create up to 500k more jobs in the state! Unfortunately, this doesn't sit well with the traditional power generation plant owners.

As your representative, I will actively seek legislation that promotes the responsible expansion of renewable energy production in the state of Florida and reject any legislation that stands opposed to it.


Responsible Gun Ownership

We have a gun problem in this country and across our state. While I am a firm believer in the right to responsible gun ownership, I also know that we need to be smart about the types of guns sold and who they are sold to. I am a gun owner, I have a concealed carry permit, and I enjoy practicing at my local gun range. However, I'm also a law-abiding citizen who legally purchased my guns, does not use them to harm others, and safely stores them; that's not always the case.

We need to ensure that we have a working system when it comes to gun reform. We need to do better on tracking and registering gun sales. We need to keep guns out of our schools for students and teachers. We need to limit the types of weapons available for purchase, to include limiting or eliminating the sales of "assault" style weapons. In short, we need to do more!

As your representative, I will actively work to ensure that our gun control processes reflect the threats we face as Floridians, to include registration of private sales and transfer, keeping guns out of our schools, and banning the general sale and transfer of assault weapons.


The Right to Choose

This is one of the most divisive issues in our modern history: The right for women and families to choose whether an abortion is right for them. My family doesn't know what your family is struggling with; we don't know your story. If you think abortion is an easy thing that is flippantly decided upon, you've never talked to someone who has had to make that choice. I truly believe that every life is precious, including those already born.

As your representative, I will actively defend a woman's rights to choose their own path in the development of their families.


Common Sense Drug Enforcement

Drug use, whether illegal or not, has cost countless lives across our state and this country. However, there is one drug that is consistently - and erroneously - used as the example of the horrible side-effects of drug use: Marijuana. Interestingly, even the US Drug Enforcement Agency agrees that the use of Marijuana causes 0 (zero) deaths due to overdose

As of this writing, 71% of Florida voters voted in favor of medical marijuana use in Florida. However, months after the citizens' vote, the legislature is still deciding exactly how they will be implementing medical marijuana use. Many Floridians continue to suffer needlessly by not having access to medical marijuana. This is NOT what the people intended!

As your representative, I will defend the use of medical marijuana in Florida, and I will also support any efforts to decriminalize its recreational use.


Environmental Protection

In Florida, our fragile ecosystem is under constant threat from corporations and special interests looking for way to increase profits. We are witnessing the loss of natural habitats, the incursion of foreign species, and the pollution of our neighborhoods at alarming rates. The current legislature is still allowing the addition of new natural gas pipelines and Hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), the latter hopefully being outlawed in the current legislative session. 

As your representative, I will actively work to defend Florida's natural environment by supporting those measure which ensures protection of our natural resources and our native species.


Affordable and Accessible Medical Care

One thing we all have in common is the need for affordable and accessible medical care. Our most vulnerable populations are finding it increasingly more difficult to find the information they need, the care they require, and the prices they can afford. This is an issue that truly affects every citizen in our state, yet the solutions are still split across party lines. We need to ensure that our citizens are properly taken care of as a matter of public health and ethical principle.

As your representative, I will actively work to support any legislation that provides affordable and accessible medical treatment to all Floridians, especially the elderly and those in need.


Protection of Organized Labor

Organized labor built this country. Yet, we continue to see attacks by legislators on Unions, the right to unionize, and collective bargaining processes. For-profit businesses have one goal: to make a profit. Without the ability of individual workers to join forces with larger unions and engage in negotiations, they will be – and often are – ignored, underpaid, and mistreated. I am a member of several unions because I believe in the power of organized labor as a force for good that will continue to build our great country.

As your representative, I will actively reject any legislation that would seek to remove or reduce the rights of individuals to organize into unions and the rights of unions to work for their members.


Cybersecurity and Defense

One of the biggest threats we face is cyber attacks, or hacking. Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are being affected right now, including our doctors, lawyers, financial institutions, and more. The Florida Information Protection Act was intended to require businesses to secure personal data and report any data breaches. Unfortunately, this law failed to provide any specific guidance and is not being actively enforced.

As your representative, I will work to ensure that your personal, medical, and financial data is being protected under the law and that businesses are held accountable for ignoring the necessity of these protections

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