“I think it is vital that we support candidates who will amplify our voices. There is so much personal satisfaction in helping good people get elected. I work with a small group of amazing women on this campaign. We work for Lee so that he can work for us when he is in Tallahassee. That’s why I am excited to launch our “Women for Lee” campaign. I ask you to follow along as we feature inspirational women who are connected to our campaign. They will be telling their own unique stories about why, they too, are supporting Lee.”

Read my entire story about why I’m a proud member of team Lee.

-Ashley Archibald, Campaign Manager

He’s so approachable… He relates to us…. I think we share a common core values when it comes to family and education and just common-sense approach to life in general.


I’m supporting Lee because I know that he’ll be a fighter for the youth, women, minorities… and he’ll be one of those strong personalities who will be able to get things done in Tallahassee.


To me… what makes Lee stand out, besides his open and approachable nature, I’m really impressed by his background in cybersecurity… and I would love to see him go to Tallahassee and really fight for House District 28 citizens.


See what our supporters are saying…

“He is a champion for students. For women. For equality. For our environment. The question is, why wouldn’t you stand with Lee?”

– Susan

“I am voting for Dr. Lee Mangold for his support and volunteer work in helping children in our public schools.”

– Brenda

"Lee shows up. Whether it’s a neighborhood house party or meeting you for a cup of coffee, he’s there. That’s how I know he will show up for all of us when he’s in Tallahassee.”

– Tiffany

“I’m supporting Dr. Mangold because he’s approachable, he listens, and I trust he will do the right thing for his constituents.”

– Jennifer

“One of the biggest reasons I support Lee is his vocal and unwavering support for the equality of everyone.”

– Sue

"I support Lee for his values and stances. He is very approachable and listens.”

– Mel

“I am supporting Dr. Lee Mangold because of his promise to defend women’s rights. Lee has stated as representative, he will actively defend a women’s right to make her own medical decisions.”

– Courtney

“I am a supporter of Lee Mangold because we have the same goals: strong, inclusive public education; women’s reproductive rights; affordable healthcare for all; equality for every member of our society; and sensible gun laws.”

– Carolyn

"I support Lee and his plans to increase public school funding and teacher pay. He understands the importance of public education and supporting Seminole County students.”

– Renee