Last weekend I gave a talk at BSides Orlando on Software Defined Radio. I wanted to do a tutorial on getting started with SDR rather than just showing all the cool stuff you could listen to (that’s what YouTube is for). All-in-all, I think it went well…

The presentation is geared towards using the RTL dongles rather than expensive hardware. While these dongles have their issues, they’re also cheap and a lot of fun! This presentation was developed to be presented (primarily), but if you were unable to attend, take a look! There’s so much out there to discover, and for $20, how can you go wrong!

Decoding the Air (BSides 2014 Presentation)

Doing demonstration-based presentations is very difficult, especially if you plan to do live demonstrations and not just show videos. If you were able to attend, hopefully this got you on the path!


(Side note: I’m trying  a new “auto post” method with this entry which supposedly will post to my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. This could go catastrophically wrong…)

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