Trust and security are the foundation upon which our future will be built.

Dr. Lee V. Mangold, CISSP

DoD Classification Backgrounds

Many years ago, while working in an Army lab, I had the need for classification backgrounds. I thought I had seen them somewhere, but no one was able to point me to them when I needed them. Years later I learned that my backgrounds had been used in labs everywhere!...

Acceptable Use Policy Template

Many years ago I created an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) template that was intended for use by my small business clients. I wanted a policy that was short, understandable, and written to be read (not just for compliance). Over the years, I've seen pieces of this policy...

How to Keep Up… (IT & Security Edition)

IT and Security are both high-growth industries. It's easy to understand that times change, technologies change, and vendors change. It inevitable, and a certain degree of change is always expected. As IT and Security professionals, we expect that continuous education...

Domain Doppelganger

Is this what you expected to find at the URL you just clicked? Domain Doppelganger (aka Lookalike domains) are URLs that look similar to a trusted URL, but have subtle differences. Doppelganger domains are used to trick users into visiting a malicious website or...

About Lee

Dr. Lee Mangold, CISSP is a distinguished cybersecurity expert with over two decades of experience, spanning both government and private sectors. As a thought leader and innovator, he has played a pivotal role in shaping cyber defense strategies and policies, earning numerous accolades for his contributions. Dr. Mangold continues to inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals through his continued work as a cybersecurity practitioner, educator, speaker, and mentor, ensuring a safer digital future for all.


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