Advice from NSA TAO…

Advice from NSA TAO…

Last week the USENIX Enigma conference hosted a number of great presentations, including one from Rob Joyce, Chief of the NSA Tailored Access Operations (TAO) Program. He provided some great advice that I’ve spoken about many times in the past, including on this... read more

Trading ESXi for [OpenStack, CloudStack, Hyper-V]

I’ve become a little frustrated with ESXi in my homelab, specifically the lack of features without a paid license, hardware support, and the nightmare called “upgrading.” All my reasons aside, I decided to take some time over my holiday break to... read more

Cloud Border Visibility

Maintaining network visibility is one of the biggest concerns in moving to the cloud. Fortunately, many traditional tools and techniques still work in a cloud environment. Network visibility is a broad topic. However, in this post, we will discuss maintaining network... read more

The Permissions Gap (Part 2)

Today I presented the results of my research on the permissions gaps in modern operating systems. I presented a background on modern permissions systems, access control fundamentals, and showed some proof-of-concept code to show the implications of, what I call, the... read more